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The MODEL - The Business that Benefits the Territories is the network of portals for hotel bookings and online services in the various territories, that upholds the values of the Life Beyond Tourism® principles; that is, “awareness of the diversity of the cultural expressions and the intangible heritage” (UNESCO 2003 2005 conventions), as well as enhancement of the different areas and respect among peoples irrespective of their economic growth.

How we operate is a network that promotes the development of hotel booking portals, the proceeds of which go towards the enhancement of the heritage of the single territories (management of the proceeds is delegated to the local authorities according to the goals of the Life Beyond Tourism® principles).
The corporate model of each individual local portal operates as an intermediary between the customers who wish to make hotel bookings and the incoming structures that have signed the affiliation agreement with the local portal participating in

Who can open a portal of the network

Public bodies and companies, foundations and associations, subjects who otherwise work in the field of tourism, the heritage, and the mediation of tourist services online, and who recognise the principles of Life Beyond Tourism® and as a result subscribe to the cultural non-profit portal which is open to all the cultural expressions of each territory (institutions and business enterprises).

ON CONCLUSION: Our philosophy

The philosophy behind is that of ideally combining travellers, incoming structures and providers of services in general in order to overthrow the idea of tourism of services and consumption in favour of a tourism based on values, a new style of tourism that promotes dialogue between cultures in respect of the area and the visitor and in the interests of the same enterprise.
Therefore the affiliated hotelier with a portal will be aware that the hotel and the service provider represent the first occasion to meet travellers of different nationalities and the first contact with the area and its identity.


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